Ever feel like texting a written ‘LOL’ to a friend doesn’t quite capture the full breadth of the emotion you wish to communicate, even when you add two exclamation points? LOLz! is here to help, with a selection of professionally audio-recorded Ha!, Meh!, OMG STOP!’s and other delights to text to friends using the iOS10 Messaging Keyboard.

To download LOLz! from the iTunes store, click HERE.

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LOLz! is an app from Michelle Miller whose other work you may be interested in checking out here:

It was created with the generous help of Simon Maeder, Will Seaward, Will Tribble, Kevin Shen, John Crepezzi, and several bottles of Prosecco.


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There are really only two things I believe with unshakeable conviction: that sweet potatoes are the perfect food and that you can never, ever laugh too much. If you have a particularly good laugh you’d like to contribute to the cause, or other ideas for how to spread LOLz! love, please email